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Kevin Hogan wins the inaugural  Billy Hickey Cup, with Aidan, Eva, and Hickey family.

County Challenge banquet  2023  above.

Inter County starting prices 2023

6/5/2023 Brian Kenneally wins Brod Minogue Cup. 

Brian (bless him) went on to be one of the most accomplished anglers of the 2023 new members.

First trout of 2019, caught by Miss Hickey.

A few thoughts from El Presidente


I suggest that this year be known as the "Handshake Year"

The misunderstandings that happened last year with the "Catch & Release” competition should now be put in the past, and this year should be opened with a warm handshake, to and from all fishermen and fisherwomen, whether they are active members or otherwise of our club.                                    

The club members have always embraced a “catch & release” policy from the founding of the club, and will always support such preservation, especially of borderline sized fish. The debate about “catch & release” will continue, but in my opinion, it is up to individual members to make their own call. If there is to be a competition this year, I would suggest it be run on a lower key and that a display of a few trout in the bar that night would be both encouraged and appreciated.                            

The improvements that the club has funded / overseen to the local streams is essential in allowing the trout to spawn safely, and guarantees long term fishing for future generations. This work can only continue if we all pull together, and it would be a pity to see such efforts of the club evaporate from this essential and very worthwhile practice.

This year the Inter County Trophy will probably be fished for on the 13th. May (subject to AGM approval) and it is my wish that we revert to the format of past times. Namely, that the competition be a relaxed day's fishing with prizes of a fun nature. There will still be a "good" first prize but you might be embarrassed to win a minor prize….pot luck. ! 

Noel Lyons has very generously offered his services again, but we must be cognisant of the fact that Noel likes to throw a fly too, in the day's fishing, so perhaps a slimmed down menu is more in order.

The date set for this year’s AGM is Saturday the 1st. February 2020, at 8pm in Keanes Bar, Mountshannon.                    

Lastly but by no means least, may I wish everybody GOOD HEALTH and EXCITING FISHING during 2020.


                 El Presidente  Jan.’20


 Changes of Angling Bye-Laws on Lough Derg (and elsewhere)

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