Gentleman's Cup

Qualifying Conditions for Gentleman's Cup

1. Angler should not be on lake before 11 am on any two consecutive days.

2. Angler should not "chuck and chance" for longer than 3 hours on any day.

3. Angler should use rain gear for showers only, and prolonged periods of rain should be spent in pub, bed, indoors etc.

4. Angler should not be of a ruddy faced demeanour. (Red nose allowed)

5. Anglers can be male or female.

6. Anglers should only dryfly or dap during the mayfly season.

7. An angler should never partake in behaviour deemed un-gentlemanly by his/her peers.

8. An angler should catch a decent trout, under the above conditions.

9. A gentleman would never use an outboard engine, even slowly, less than 200 metres from another angler. Because a gentleman knows an engine is much louder under water, than over.