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Mayfly 2015 - Updated 19/04/15

Competitions for Mayfly 2015

Week 1. (27th April- 3rd May) Bushy Isl. Cup (weigh-in Keanes)

3rd May. Jimmy (Crock) Minogue Memorial Cup

Week 2. (4th - 10th May) Cribby Isl.Cup (weigh-in Cois na hAbhna)

10th May. Brud Minogue Memorial Cup.

Week 3. (11th - 17th May) Pages Isl. Cup (weigh-in Hotel)

12th May. Tom Turner Memorial Cup. (Dapping only)

13th May. Inter County Challenge (Bookie on the eve)

Week 4. (18th – 24thMay) Young Isl. Cup (weigh-in Keanes)

Mayfly Seasonal Trophies.

Heaviest Fish: D.Dobson Trophy

Heaviest Creel over 2lb.: James Burke Memorial Cup

Heaviest Fish caught by Dapping : Packie & Tom Lyons Cup


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Angling Club

Newsletter 2011

President: Brod Minogue

Chairman: Andrew Brown

Secretary: Liam Waterstone

Ass. Sec.: David Burke


RULE CHANGE: 4 fish bag limit per day applies for 2011.

A Few Lines About the Club

- Stream Development -

The Clubs main goal is to develop the rivers and streams in the Mountshannon area and bring them back to the way they were in past years.

- Youth Development -

The club encourages junior anglers and holds a competition during May The Skirtan Cup

Fisheries Awareness Week - Saturday 7th to 15th May 2011

- Conservation -

All competitions except one are ran on the heaviest fish basis thus ensuring that a significant number of fish are returned to fight another day.

- Rules -

Trout Season: 15th March to 30th September. All trout must be over 14 inches.

Catch and release is encouraged.

- Membership -

Membership is open to all. Membership for 2011: Adults 30, Under 18 s 5

- Contacts -

For further information about the club feel free to contact any of the committee.

Tight lines for 2011



Ode to a Fisherman

  Lo the angler. He riseth in the morning and upsetteth the whole household. Mighty are his preparations. He goeth forth with great hope in his heart and when the day is far spent, he returneth, smelling of strong drink, and the truth is not in him.

Updated 4/4/11